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work in progress...

on the bench: high-end audio amps, phonostage, head mockup &... drone music/abstract visuals installations  


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'The emotion that fills certain images, sounds or pieces of music cannot arise simply from perfect electronics. Only a piece of work that aims for an emotional response can touch the senses.'

(Joël Massey)


Ets Massey & Cie is a small company based in the French Alps, that designs and produces high-end audio equipments, more precisely, amplifiers from the electronical architecture that Joël Massey, co-founder, had developed in the nineties with his own company Caravage. Today, we relaunch it in an full handcrafted way of production.

Through our ranges of high-fidelity amplifiers, our research, both technical and aesthetic, aims to offer singular devices that fit with the high-end audio expectations. As a result of constant research, we have developed electronic architectures (valves tubes and transistors technologies) that aim to be the support of the best refinement of the timbres, and promote the “sing-ability” of our amplifiers. Moreover, unlike a lot of very selective hi-fi systems, ours are compatible and adapted to many high-end loudspeakers. Designed, wired and assembled by hand in our workshops, each of our amplifiers is above all a unique piece to which we take the greatest care. 


Attached to environmental issues and sustainability questions, we also wanted to work on our chassis and units, using materials from recycling channels: aluminium, wood, enamel, ceramics, leather... These materials are a real source of inspiration and lead us to make unique proposals, which we put into practice alongside our craftsman partners whose expertise accompanies us in their shaping.

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